Who I am
Tourguide Stepanka in Florence
About me

Buongiorno, my name is Stepanka, and for the past 25 years I have lived in Tuscany, where I have always worked in tourism, with 17 years of experience as a qualified tour guide.
I’m specialized in guided tours of Florence, of the Chianti wine area and southern Liguria.
I have the great fortune of being able to combine my job with my great passions. I love nature, I am fascinated by art and history, I’m a musician, an enthusiastic photographer, passionate foodie and sommelier.
What I propose is an authentic local experience to live not only with sight and hearing, but with all the five senses.
Each visit is different and every encounter brings something new in itself. This is why I continue to work with new ideas and inspiration.

Why choose me?
  • Professional work
  • Long experience in the sector
  • Deep love of my job
  • Easy to adapt to the needs and requirements of clients
  • Good communicator of my knowledge in a clear and attractive way
  • I’m not only a tour guide, I also can be a story teller, an assistant, a personal shopper…always providing the best support for a truly unique holiday experience