5 Senses

Are you curious?
Would you like to travel through the 5 senses?
Prick up your ears, sharpen your sight, stretch your feet,
prepare your taste buds, give the air a good sniff ... the journey is about to begin!

What colour is Florence?

At first glance one would say red! Surely for the colour of the dome of its cathedral. For me it is rather grey and white. Does that sound boring? Of course not! The Florentines think that this combination of colours is very elegant.

What colour is Liguria?

Here we go on the infinite shades between blue and sea green. It’s hard to decide which one is predominant, the sea changes every day, perhaps for this reason it’s photographer’s paradise. Triumphant with the sun, gloomy on clowdy day, apocalyptic during storms.

What does Florence taste like?

Strong flavors, pepper, rosemary, grilled meat. Are you vegetarian? Don’t worry, in addition to the famous Florentine steak, in the Tuscan capital you can enjoy delicious truffles, porcini mushrooms, a variety of vegetable dishes, and of course an excellent red wine.

What does Liguria taste like?

Salty! Like the sea and the fish, or the sharp scent of the local white wine savory. But Liguria is not only sea. A large part of its territory is located inland. It will have then the sweet taste of chestnuts, the scent of herbs, of mushrooms, of fine cheeses and of cold cuts.

What does Florence smell like?

Do you prefer the smell of the morning, afternoon or evening?
Okay, let’s start with the morning …In the morning Florence smells of freshly ground coffee, of the black ink of the newspaper and of freshly baked cream buns. Leaving the bar our nose takes us to the market stalls, following the smell of leather, renowned local artisan product. For refined noses there are real gems like the visit of the Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella …

What does Liguria smell like?

Liguria is a real explosion of perfumes! From the sea iodine, to the thousand scents of the Mediterranean, our nose is never satisfied by all the fragrances that this rich land can give us. A paradise for botany lovers.

Florence to the touch

Florence is smooth as shiny marble, but it also becomes rough and powdery on contact with local materials like serena stone, soft as leather and light as local craft silk. Florence can get attached to you like artisan ice-cream, when it melts on your fingers.

Ligura to the touch

Wet and slippery from the moss on the rocks, but also dry as the hot stones of the walls that surround the vineyards…

What sound does Florence?

You can not avoid the sound of Florence. Sometimes it’s too noisy, so it is important to choose the right moment and the right way to visit it. Personally I do not like the various acoustic amplifiers, especially if we can choose to have an advanced technology such as radio guides, you will enjoy Florence much better.

What sound does Liguria?

What sounds can you hear in Liguria? The incessant rhythm of the waves, the cry of seagulls, the clink of sailboats anchored in the port, the engine of a ferry that moves away…

What do you feel? How would you describe your 5 senses? What is the predominant?
If you want to experience Tuscany, Liguria in a different way,
please contact me!